Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g
Anxiety & Behaviour  - 250g

Anxiety & Behaviour -

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Many dogs struggle with anxiety, and senior dogs can experience cognitive dysfunction, so we decided to make something to help calm the nerves of the unknown.
Cool, Calm & Collected has been formulated with nutritious wholefood ingredients blended together to support brain health and memory, while also decreasing stress and anxiety.
This supplement is a great addition to the diet of any dog who has issues with anxiety and behaviour or needs to optimise their brain function.
Key benefits:
  • Hemp protein powder is a rich source of tryptophan and vitamin E, which can both improve signs of anxiety
  • DHA from salmon powder is vital for brain health, and it may help to reduce stress and improve the learning ability and memory in both young and older dogs
  • Apple powder provides quercetin, which has been shown to improve memory and learning
  • While the compound hypericin found in St John’s Wort may also help to reduce signs of anxiety
  • (Note: If your dog is currently taking other medication for their anxiety, please consult your vet before using this topper)



For Chihuahuas to Poodles and every puppy in between. 

Simply add the recommended dosage below onto your dog’s regular wet or dry food meal. If feeding more than once a day, split the recommended dosage evenly across each meal. Handy scoop included in every tub. 

One level scoop = 2.5 grams 



Hemp Powder   Salmon Powder  Nutritional Yeast 
  Dried Apple   Psyllium Husk   St. John's Wort

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Supaw supplements

I love my behaviour and well-being support supplement and its all thanks to fieldday pets. Mum says she sees the improvement when it comes to going new places or places like the vet. I think we'll try the digestion supp next. 🥰
- Peanut the gud boi 💙

Melanie Andrews
Anxious Boy

Im pretty happy with how the Anxiety & Behaviour powder is working for our beagle cross.
It has calmed him down that he's not a raving lunatic of a night.
Love that it's natural ingredients also.
Would recommend.

Sammi J
Chill factor is on!

These supplements have been a great introduction to our big-pup's diet. She absolutely knows this is the additional sprinkle of yumminess that just must make its way onto her meals and waits eagerly and patiently.
Most importantly however is that they do what they say on the label. Our girl has been less anxious, whilst still maintaining her boystrous personality - just less of a prolonged witching hour every night, and more understanding when we need to leave the home.
So thank you Field Day!

Dog loves the taste and seems more relaxed

My dog is very hyper, we added this topper to his meals 4 week ago now and have really noticed a change in his beahviour. He is still very energetic but now when he is resting he seems like he is actually relaxed.

Game Changer

Maggie is a super energetic dog, and sometimes gets overwhelmed by the world around her and gets anxious. The Cool, Calm & Collected meal topper has helped her relax and enjoy life more. She also loves that taste!

Why choose us?

Paddock To Pooch

We work with passionate experts in agriculture, vet nutrition and pet wellness. Field Day products come directly from our paddock to your pooch! Our 100% Australian Hemp is sustainably grown, requires very little water, and regenerates the soil in which it grows making our products amazing for your pooch and incredible for our environment!