Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g
Digestion & Gut - 250g

Digestion & Gut -

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Getting in all your daily vitamins can be hard, so we’ve decided to make it easy! 

The Balancing Act provides a mix of both insoluble and soluble fibre which create prebiotics, to maintain the health of the gut microbiome, and to help promote normal poops.

Simply sprinkle on top of your pooches meals to enhance their daily intake of good bacteria and minerals. 

Key benefits: 

  • Promote good bacteria with the natural prebiotics found in inulin and psyllium husk to decrease gut inflammation and encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria 
  • Pumpkin is rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene, and hemp fibre is a rich source of insoluble fibre both regulate digestion 
  • This combination encourages a healthy microbiome, which is directly linked to how effectively the rest of your dog's body functions


For Pugs to Newfoundlands and every puppy in between. 

Simply add the recommended dosage below onto your dog’s regular wet or dry food meal. If feeding more than once a day, split the recommended dosage evenly across each meal. Handy scoop included in every tub. 

Balancing Act Dosage Spoon
One level scoop = 2.5 grams 

Balancing Act Dosage Chart


  Inulin            Hemp Fibre         Pumpkin
    Nutritional Yeast      Psyllium Husk

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jo templin
Smooth sailing in the toilet department

Mack does love his treats which can sometimes lead to an upset stomach but using this topper on his main meals has made his 💩 a lot more consistent which is great! He loves the taste too!

Molly Watts
I like it.

For a long time I have had a sensitive stomach, which in turn causes other issues from time to time. So far I have seen an improvement which is very pleasing, especially for Dad when he is the one picking 💩 up after me. Thanks Field Day from Molly.

Juanita Heart
My dogs totally love it

I have my dogs on this for a week now and they are loving it. So good to find a supplement that they love and want more off. I will be continuing to use this for them.

Ameliea Clifford
Happy shinny Groodle!

Our beautiful 10 month old Groodle absolutely loves this meal topper!
Might be TMI but wow he dose some great poos now! We will definitely be incorporating this permanently into his diet 12/12!

TMI… she does super smooth poops now!

My dog used to struggle to pass poop every day. She was visibly straining, uncomfortable, and sometimes struggling to get that last little bit out… Now she pops that squat and the poop comes gliding out, and she’s off running again! She also used to fuss a lot because of uncomfortable gas and bloating, she hasn’t seemed to be bothered recently with any issues like that. I will definitely keep buying this one for her!

Why choose us?

Paddock To Pooch

We work with passionate experts in agriculture, vet nutrition and pet wellness. Field Day products come directly from our paddock to your pooch! Our 100% Australian Hemp is sustainably grown, requires very little water, and regenerates the soil in which it grows making our products amazing for your pooch and incredible for our environment!