Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g
Joint & Mobility - 250g

Joint & Mobility -

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Is there a better feeling than being the best zoomer at the park? We didn’t think so either.

Mover and Shaker helps support active or ageing dogs experiencing sore joints and mobility issues, with carefully selected wholefood ingredients. This easy to use powder supplement is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants to help your dog maintain joint health and is a great choice for both active, young or senior dogs.

Key benefits:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon powder and green-lipped mussel powder may reduce cartilage degradation and inflammation within the joint.
  • Leucine from hemp seed powder can help to increase muscle mass formation, which provides valuable joint support.
  • Kale powder and rosehip powder are a good source of vitamin C & K, which may reduce joint pain and damage to joint cartilage
  •  Lutein from egg yolk powder and curcumin from turmeric can both have potent anti-inflammatory effects.



    For Frenchies to Great Danes and every puppy in between. 

    Simply add the recommended dosage below onto your dog’s regular wet or dry food meal. If feeding more than once a day, split the recommended dosage evenly across each meal. Handy scoop included in every tub. 

    One level scoop = 2.5 grams 



    Hemp Seeds         Turmeric              Kale             
           Egg Yolk          Rosehip      NZ Green Lipped

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Mover and shaker

    Very pleased with the visible improvement in my ageing border collie who suffers with osteoarthritis. We have tried many well known joint supplements on the market to little effect. My border is now happily walking and playing again with little lameness. Fantastic product!

    Meredith Baker
    Fantastic Product

    Our Bernese is a very picky eater but hasn’t turned his nose up to this (or any of the Field Day Products) which is so great. We have seen a huge improvement in his recovery after long walks as well, which is when we tend to use it to help support his bodies recovery.
    Highly recommend

    Starting early to avoid issues... plus she loves the taste

    My dog is 6 years old, but shes super active. My only concerns with her before buying this product was occasional tender hip joints that would prevent her from sitting normally (she would sit with her legs to one side if she was feeling the discomfort). She hasn't seemed to be bothered by hip pain recently! Otherwise I bought this product as more of a preventative, as I want her to be fit and active for as long as she can be. Plus, she lovessss the taste of this supplement!

    Would reccomend for any senior dog!

    My dog has just turned 9 and we have been noticing that she gets super stiff and limps after long walks these days. Since adding this topper to her dinner 6 weeks ago, we have noticed a real difference in how quickly she recovers and she is hardly limping anymore. She also loves the taste, can't get enough of it!

    Pug on the move

    My Pug is 8 years old and gets really stiff in the mornings and night.. Have been using this topper for about three weeks and can see an improvement In his movement. It’s easy to use and he seems to like the taste so far and he is a pretty fussy eater.

    Why choose us?

    Paddock To Pooch

    We work with passionate experts in agriculture, vet nutrition and pet wellness. Field Day products come directly from our paddock to your pooch! Our 100% Australian Hemp is sustainably grown, requires very little water, and regenerates the soil in which it grows making our products amazing for your pooch and incredible for our environment!