Best Things To Feed Your Puppy

Best Things To Feed Your Puppy


When it comes to what to feed your puppy there are so many varying opinions and factors that you need to take into consideration when feeding your pooch a healthy diet. We asked our resident vet Emily Turner about what we should be looking out for in our dogs food. 


When it comes to feeding your furry friend we know that everyone is trying their best to get their dog all the necessary nutrients. The truth is, good quality puppy food, whether wet or dry, is the best for your puppy. 

These days many commercial dog foods have puppy varieties that are designed and formulated specifically for puppies with all of the correct ratios of fat, protein and various vitamins and minerals which is perfect for your new best friend. 

It is possible to cook or make your own puppy food but this needs to be very well researched as puppies who are growing and developing have very specific dietary needs in order to thrive and grow properly. If deciding to go down this route a lot of time and research should be taken to consider what foods you use and how good they are for the various stages of development of your dog. Milk should be avoided as should Weetbix, which is given more often than most vets would like! 



Aka good boy/girl snacks! Sometimes simple is better for puppy treats, whether you choose to use some of their dry biscuits, small pieces of plainly cooked meat or a specific puppy treat from the pet shop - it is a great idea to keep an eye out for treats with lower calories as it’s likely they’ll have an increased intake during times of training and rewarding. 

As they age and get their adult teeth puppies often enjoy raw vegetables such as carrots and broccoli stems as treats and these are very good for your pup. Treats should be given for a reason - as a reward after training or to reinforce good behaviour, not just for no reason as they will learn to expect treats which can lead to ongoing bad habits.



Apart from the occasional deserved treat, puppies generally do not need snacks in between meals. Very young puppies should be fed small and more regular meals, 3-4 times daily until approximately 16 weeks, then these can become slightly larger and 3 times daily and between 6 and 12 months they can transition to twice daily meals that are larger again. 


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