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Omega Oil!

Amazing and hassle free! Love how easy it is to add to my dogs food everything night

Dog Bowl & Mat Bundle
Jill Marshall
Dog bowl and mat

The bowl is great and my puppy loves eating from it but I can't review the mat as I didn't receive one. Very disappointing

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Great product

I don't use as much as recommended for my Greyhound, as I don't need to. This product works better than any other powders or chews that I have tried. It is making his separation anxiety a whole lot easier for him to deal with. Highly recommended.


I am not sure wat to say on the review as I bought a pot joint support 27/10/23. I Sent you photos on email 8/11/23 and it is full of web like. Had no reply. So my review mite not be good. We have used this product be for a it is good. View the email I sent you.

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I have been using it for a while and have found it does help my dog with her anxiety issues. Grea...

Great product and very reasonably priced!!

Digestion support great product

It works with the two dogs. One of the dogs had course wiry fur. After using product it has softened There coats up great product

Miracle worker

I was sent a tube of this gel as a sample when I got something else. Its has been used so much - hot spots, abrasions, hard or sore pads, itchy spots, you name it the gel not only calms down irritations but heals them fast. I rub it in hard, distract the dog for a short period and then, even if he licks the spot the get does its job. It goes a long way too, so is very economical.

The product is very good for the dogs

The babies luv the digestive jar not sure on the joint one. But will persevere with the digestive jar our dog has wiry-fur coat that has become softer overtime

Digestion Support Wholefood Powder - 220g
Scott McKeown - Scott Mckeown
Digestive support

First night followed the Recommendations 1/2 dose with her food. Within 5 minutes she threw all her dinner out on the grass. I haven't used it again

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Works well but he is not too keen on the taste unfortunately.

The first time I added it to his meal he didn’t eat it with as much enthusiasm. I need to mix it in with warm bone broth to disguise the taste but it has made a difference to his bowels.

Seems to be helping Molly.

Molly has atopic dermatitis. And breaks out in hives and spots. Itchy, chewy licking. But, since I’ve been giving her field day digestion support whole food powder, there has definitely been a marked improvement. She much more settled. I’ll be ordering some more, for sure. Thank you.

My GSP Molly has atopic dermatitis, but I've been giving her this for just over a week now. So far so good. A lot less itching and licking, she's not been eating grass either.
I'll be ordering again definitely.

One Happy Doodle!

My Labradoodle has had gut and anal gland issues from the day we got him. We tried different dry foods, fresh proteins and other brands of supplements in his diet but nothing seemed to work. We were recommended the Digestion Support from our local Pet food store and haven’t looked back since. We’ve been giving the recommended amount to him once a day with his meal and it's made a huge difference in his overall wellbeing. We have no more scooting, trips to the vet and most importantly one happy doodle!

Great products

My dog is super picky on her food, but she loves this Omega oil. Now, she eats only kibble has this omega oil on it! I needed these products as she does not like fish and needed omega oil for better fur. Thank you so much for the fantastic products!

Omega oil

Amazing! Having the omega oil in a pump is mess free and super easy to add to your pets meals

Django approved!

Our dog will not eat his kibble without this oil and the Field Day Digestion Support Wholefood Powder Supplement on it, he is obsessed!

Digestion Support Wholefood Powder

I had to go through a process of elimination for digestive support for my oldest,Bear, and in the end Field Day Digestion Support Wholefood Powder,is the only supplement that maintains a perfect inner puppy with no nasty repercussions. We LOVE this product and is now my go to for life!!!!! Thank you Field Day!!!! 💗🙏🏽

So easy to use!

We have been using this product for a few months and our dogs love it! It's so easy to measure out and great value. Would definitely recommend if you're hoping to give your dogs the best possible care.

Happy gut results in a happy healthy dog

I was recommended this product from where is purchase my dogs food, My dog was having issues with some skin allergies and has been treated in the pastwith Cytopoint, I really did not want to give him any more injections and wanted to try something that is not only natural but far more beneficial to him that a synthetic injection.
I have also removed any form of chicken from his diet, he is completely raw fed. I have only been using this product for 2 weeks and I can see a huge improvement not only in his skin but in his overall health.
Thank you

Even Better In Person

This set is even better in person, I love how stylish it is and the fact that it's ceramic. My dog is also very happy to not reach down so far for his grub!

Anxiety support whole food powder

Too early to comment. Only been having it for about a week

Zero Smell or Mess

This product is awesome, it gives my dog all the omegas he needs in his old age yet I don’t have to deal with any fishy odour or mess. He clearly enjoys the taste as he eats his kibble as usual and I love knowing I’m helping his joints but it’s not an inconvenience. Happy all round.

A great product

Amazing product with so many benefits. The girls will happily have it straight from the pump and I add it to their meals daily.

So far, amazing!

My dog seems to love this oil supplement, I was a bit apprehensive as he has rejected supplements in the past. I think in the space of a few weeks his coat is way softer and healthier looking, he is also scratching less which is a huge relief.

Love love love

This bundle is such good value, to know my dog is getting the best it what I have always hoped for and these powders make it super easy. She gobbles them up and is looking so healthy.