How to help your dog age gracefully

How to help your dog age gracefully

Ah, to age gracefully. What a blissful idea for both the owner and their pooch. Although your furry friend may not get crows feet or gain a severe sensitivity to dairy, your pooch may start to slow down and start feeling their version of aging. We want to help your pooch age like a fine wine so we asked our resident vet Emily what he tips and tricks are to help your senior citizen feel like a young pup again.


Get that body movin' 

Keeping your dog lean and active keeps their bodies and minds healthy as well as allowing them to enjoy interaction with other people and dogs on walks to help aid restful sleep because beauty sleep is a real thing and we shouldn’t knock it until we try it! Sleep also helps the body repair after a long day of zooming.


A little bit of self-care never hurt no body

Making sure your dog is clean and tidy-groom as needed, is essential to helping them age well, especially in summer and winter. Long coats should be kept short and tidy and not allowed to get matted as this pinches and can be uncomfortable. Brushing out excess hair and shedded hair makes them feel more comfortable and can give some good owner/pet time. Older dogs are not always as well able to clean themselves so it is important to make sure bottoms and faces are kept clean and dry. 


Go see your best friend the vet.

No one likes going to the doctor, but regular vet visits will ensure any lumps or bumps are checked out and dealt with as needed-as they age dogs are more prone to developing warts, skin tags and unfortunately masses or tumours. It is essential to have these checked in order to know which may need further attention and double check that everything is a-ok. 

Take care of those pearly whites

As we all age, we need to make sure that we take care of our oral hygiene. Dog teeth are surprisingly similar to us and are prone to dental diseases and tooth issues. Smaller breeds tend to have naturally more issues with dental diseases (sorry chihuahuas) but any dog can have trouble as they get a little older. Dental issues have long been linked to heart and kidney disease, pain, inflammation and general discomfort and bad breath. To help make sure that the their breath smells fresh and their teeth are pain free, have their teeth professionally checked for any signs of decay or disease, treat as needed and often some sort of long term dental care at home is implemented and can have huge benefits. 


Keep them cosy in the Winter and cool in the Summer  

All dogs vary in their ability to keep regulate body temperature  and as they age this becomes more prevalent. Make sure to keep your pooch nice and warm in winter and cool in summer as some older dogs are not as good at regulating their temperatures as younger dogs and often need help-cost blankets in winter and to stay in air-conditioned houses in the hotter times. 

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