How to keep your pooch entertained this holiday season

How to keep your pooch entertained this holiday season

As the ideas of what to cook for family lunch creep into your google searches and the wine list becomes the number one priority we want to take this moment to have a thing about what you can to make sure your pooch is as entertained as aunt Suzie on karaoke night.

Long walks on the beach… or the dog park if you’re not on the bachelor. 

A classic yet probably one of the most effective ways to keep your pooch entertained this holiday season is to make sure that the zoomies are released before the party gets started. A simple 30-45 minute walk can make a massive difference to your pooches mental health and can also be a great time to decompress before the holiday madness.

Toys are a pooches best friend

No matter how old you are, getting a new toy feels pretty bloody good. The same goes for your furry friend! Whether you decide to get them a yummy bone from the butcher when you’re picking up your Christmas roast or treat them to one of Field Days Christmas Hampers - giving your pooch a task throughout the day will help them stay entertained and calm.

Let them be a part of the party, but make sure they have somewhere nice and quiet to go.

There’s no shame in leaving the party early if you ask us. Sometimes me-time is needed for your dog so that they don’t get overstimulated and overwhelmed. We would recommend setting up a ‘chill zone’ full of familiar things to make sure that they are comfortable and have the ability to escape from all their little cousins giving them all the love.

Hide and go treat

Not the most popular technique to keep your pooch entertained but boy oh boy is it effective. Hiding treats around the house for your pooch to find will keep them entertained for hours on end, whether you place the treats under pillows, furniture of even their own bed, this is a game that will last hours and make them feel entertained as well as accomplished. 

  1. Don’t leave them at home for longer than 6 hours

Being left alone can be a little bit spooky for your furry friend and we all know that when they’re spooked, there might be nothing better to do than tear up the couch and piss on your favourite rug. The best way to prevent this is to make sure they’re well exercised and have plenty of water before you leave them to go have your end of year workplace drinks (don’t kiss mark from accounts, he’s seriously not that hot).

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