Which Dog Breeds Match YOUR Personality?

Which Dog Breeds Match YOUR Personality?

Adopt the right Dog for you

You’ve decided it’s time to adopt your new best buddy to-be. Amazing!

Shelters are full of delightful dogs waiting for their heroes to come along.

Sadly, many pets are in these shelters because their personalities and needs were a mismatch for the people who originally had them. When it comes to adopting a new pet, it's important to think about your life, your routines, what you like to do, your energy levels, and what time you can devote to your new fur-ever friend.

So, what kind of dog breeds are a match for YOU? Let’s look at five personality types and dogs that fit them to give you a helping hand…

1. Relaxed: The Laid-Back Life

Let’s say you’re a homebody that loves a quiet life of Netflix binging with family, friends, or loved ones. You wouldn’t mind taking your pup out on a walk, but you’d probably pass on a hiking or jogging adventure.

If this sounds like you, perhaps a French Bulldog could be your perfect match!

Playful, smart, affectionate, and easy-going, these adaptable cuties were bred to be companion dogs, and that’s what they do best.

Frenchies, as they are affectionately known, are one of the most popular small dogs in the world. Some have even become film and TV stars. But the majority prefer the quiet life, lounging around their paw-rent’s home or snoring on their bed. Oh yes, that snore is quite famous – and lovable.

These chilled-out canines do well in any environment. City dwellers love them as they don’t need much room, don’t bark a lot, and don’t require much exercise. As long as they don’t spend too much time in the heat, they’re good to go.

They also do well with kids and other dogs if they’re a part of your pack.

So, what do you think? Is your next furry friend a Frenchie?

2. Energetic: The Sporty Type

What if you’re the opposite and more of an on-the-go type? Perhaps you’re into physical fitness and love the great outdoors, parks and ovals.

If you want a dog that will keep up with your adventurous side, look no further than a Labrador Retriever.

Labs (or Field Labs) are bred to be sporting superstars. Taller and leaner with a hard, muscular body, these fearless fidos have oodles of energy and drive and never run out of steam.

They excel in field trials or game hunting and can’t wait to join you on ANY adventure.

Labs will beg you to take them swimming, running, kayaking, hiking, four-wheeling, or more. Phew! You better be ready. These dogs will outrun even the fittest of us.

Is there a gap within your family for a sports star?

3. Loving: The Affectionate Type

Do you love affection and snuggles? You don’t mind a few slobbery puppy kisses and want a breed that never turns down a good cuddle?

Enter the amazing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Beautiful, gentle, and graceful, they’re perfect for affection-seeking people.

Be prepared to melt over their kind eyes and swoon over their flowing coats. You can groom and fuss over them to your heart’s content.

They’re also incredibly loving and affectionate in return, not to mention easily trainable and especially sociable with people of all ages. Outgoing and adaptable, you can take them anywhere, so long as they get to stay close to you.

4. Outgoing: Social Butterflies

Are you a people person that hates being alone? Maybe you’re a social butterfly that loves mingling with new people and want a dog that would enjoy that, too.

If so, let’s talk about Poodles! This super sociable pup is longing to be your bestie.

Energetic, proud, and super smart with huge hearts, the Poodle can keep up with your busy life and thrives on stimulation. They also don’t mind being the centre of attention.

Plus, training them is a breeze and their curly, low-allergen coat is really appealing to many households.

So, is a Poodle your paw-fect social butterfly?

5. Independent: Solo Artists

What if you like being in your own little world, though? If you prefer keeping to yourself and just want a dog for some simple solo entertainment, we have your paw-fect match.

Go for a Greyhound!

With dog racing (thankfully) becoming a thing of the past, many of these retired speedsters need new homes.

But don’t be put off because they’re the world’s fastest dogs. Long walks, hikes, or a run around the backyard are all they need, then they’re ready to settle down.

Besides, this breed knows how to get comfy, so be prepared for a couch companion.

Noble, and affectionate with their owners, these well-mannered and quiet house dogs have independent spirits that will match yours. Their short, smooth coats are easy-peasy to maintain.

Are you ready to get into gear with a Greyhound?


There’s no doubt that certain dog breeds do better in specific households. We hope we’ve given you some great advice on five of them, but there are plenty of other breeds that can be a great fit besides the ones we mentioned.

Don’t forget the mixed breeds that fill up a lot of shelters too. If you’re anxious or uncertain about any dog, most rescues let you foster them to test out if you're a good match. You've got this. Good luck!

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